Skylar Stafford
Teen Team President/ Website Support

Skylar is currently an honor student at her High School.  She's devoted a significant amount of community service hours to the charity's efforts (specifically the website), which earned her recognition and an award through her school.  Our team quickly realized what a committed and talented young lady she is, and made her a permanent part of the team. She currently serves as the President of the "Teen Team" and leads projects within the community for teenagers, while also lending a hand with the HPP's website. 

Fun Fact!!!  Skylar is a "Hopester" herself. She was born three months premature and spent eight weeks in an NICU in Texas. During that time, her parents were grateful for the kind assistance of a local group who provided custom-made clothing and other items to help navigate through the NICU and homecoming. Skylar knows how meaningful organizations like HPP can be to families who are going through a traumatic experience. Skylar has been active in Girl Scouts since Kindergarten, having earned her bronze award and her silver award. She has also been active in Student Council and is in her fifth year of club volleyball. 

We are thankful for exceptional teens like Skylar and their devotion to outreach efforts like the HPP.  We have no doubt Skylar has a bright future ahead of her continuing to use the amazing gifts God has blessed her with to excel and serve within her community.