Hello. We’re the Coopers - Aaron, Jill, Levi and Asher. The Hope Packed Project is a “grass roots” nonprofit. It began when our older son, Levi, spotted a homeless gentleman on a street corner holding a sign for help. This sparked questions of curiosity. After explaining to Levi that this person was in need and didn’t have the comforts and many necessities of life, he insisted on packing this man a lunch. We went home and did just that, and this act of kindness became a monthly ritual in our household. Before long, other families heard of this simple act of kindness and wanted to get involved as well. We began posting and sharing this community outreach on our Facebook page. The message of HOPE packed in a sack lunch soon grew. So much so, we were asked to visit a few churches and schools to share our simple, but impactful, efforts. Our Facebook page was originally created as a platform for us to share how our family and other families were coming together to help others by packing lunches for those experiencing homelessness. What started as a small act of kindness, has blossomed into a chain reaction to bring HOPE to many, through what we have named, The Hope Packed Project (HPP).


Packing lunches for those experiencing homelessness was the seed that eventually led to a shift in our outreach. Due to illness in our own family, and the health diagnosis's/ conditions of dear friends and their children, an organic shift began to occur. Soon, our focus became crystal clear. The Hope Packed Project began to blossom into an effort to meet the needs of youth going through a chronic or terminal illness. Often, these young individuals have missed several events and activities with their peers due to their illnesses and treatments, something many easily take for granted. With treatments, comes hospital visits and possibly long stays that can limit them to outside connection and entertainment. That’s where we get to work!


Our mission at HPP is to recognize these “HOPE-sters” (as we like to call them) and celebrate them with the gift of a “Hope Pack” to lift their spirits, while also showering them with accolades for their extraordinary courage, strength and optimistic attitude. Our other goal is to get community members involved in our outreach efforts any way we can, as we love to connect people for common good and positive growth.  

Thanks for stopping by to learn more. We greatly appreciate your support.

Continue to stay HOPEful and spread “HOPEiness” to others.

In Him,
The Coopers & The Hope Packed Project Team ✌️

“In the end, when you leave this world, the only things you can take with you are the things you’ve packed inside your heart” - Unknown