01 Nov

God, who abides with us throughout our life, fill us with your silent strength and fill us with feelings of joy and wonder at all the things you provide for us. You watch over every move and every gesture we make like a loving parent watching over a child. You watch us grow as we watch our offspring develop into the reflection of our own values and dreams. 

Today, among so many other busy days, we set aside time to honor all those who work hard for children, theirs and ours. We ask that their example and ours might come to be that which we all seek to emulate. We pray that our example might be one that our children come to understand and accept as a powerful way to deal with a busy world - a world full of all kinds of cares and concerns. 

We lift up our teachers, our companions, our friends, and our family.  We pray that you will be among them guiding our words and our actions. We ask for you in your infinite wisdom to give each of us all we need to bless the lives of our friends and our foes. May our lives encourage growth. We give thanks for your life giving nurture, your patience, your love and we ask only that we might be able to model them for all those whom we come in contact. 

Again, we ask you to bless our family and friends, our teachers and leaders, that they might be open to your guidance in this awesome task of self-giving love. 

We ask this in your holy name. Amen 

Written by Colonel, Chaplain Corps US Army (Ret.) Chaplain Rich Cooper aka “Opa”.   Rich Cooper also serves as a Board Member of the Hope Packed Project

If you need additional support or prayers of any sort, please email opa@hopepackedproject.org. As a retired Army Chaplain and Presbyterian Minister, "Opa" himself is eager to offer any hand holding needed, and so is the rest of the HPP team.

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