01 Feb

O God, how does one adequately sum up a year of days? How can you bring to prayer all the thoughts of a year filled with so many things? So much has crowded our year of memories and what we have become. How much of our past will define how much we will accomplish for Your kingdom in the days, weeks, months to come?  Help us to bring together, rummage through, and draw out the feelings and fears which will guide us in coming days. Help us to recognize our common community and our oneness in you as we move into the future with our family, our friends, our community in that oneness. 

In our prayer, cover us with the cloth of life which covers each of us as we find completeness as a servant of Your will for us and for your kingdom. Whatever brings us together with our history, our fears or sorrow, our joys or successes, we bring into Your presence as we face anew year - for you are our yesterday, our tomorrow, and our future hope.You are the Ancient of Days and the eternal Yes – today as you have been in the past and will be tomorrow. We commit ourselves to You as we are and know of Your gracious care for our future. Keep us safe and bless us now and forever in Your future. 

Through the Risen Savior we pray. Amen.

Written by Colonel, Chaplain Corps US Army (Ret.) Chaplain Rich Cooper, aka “Opa”.   Rich Cooper also serves as a Board Member of the HopePacked Project. If you need additional support or prayers, contact Opa at opa@hopepackedproject.org 

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