07 Jan

I decided to go on a prayer walk/run with God to be in nature with Him. I started in silence taking in the sun, palm trees, crisp 48 degree air, feeling His breath in my lungs. I took the idea from a friend to ask Him for a word for the year. Words were flooding my mind so I got quiet again. I asked for a song as well. I hit shuffle on my worship playlist and the song I believe He gave me was “Good Grace”. 

As I listened to the words goosebumps came over me, I started to run and felt His life and love pulsing through me. I felt free, invigorated, seen, loved, connected to the spirit. Then after 3 repeats the word came to my head and heart: GRACE

  1. Grace to wait on the Lord and trust his plans this year even when they don’t make sense to me
  2. Grace with myself to grow into the feminine, fluid, fun, flirty woman He is leading me to. To let my praise go up as the walls come down
  3. Grace with my husband, Luke, as he continues to grow, be transformed, take risks, try new things, lead our family
  4. Grace with my kids to let them fail and be who they are and cover them in prayer and love big
  5. Grace with others to love them where they are at, to stand for unity and peace, to see them through God’s eyes, to remember we are one blood. 

I loved getting outside with Him alone! I am so grateful for our time together! Have you made time for God and His amazing grace today? 

Written by: Alicia Johnson, Board Member

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