02 Mar

God of long and many travels, join us as we join with Your gift to us, Your Son, as he journalese to the Cross on our behalf. Each year we focus on how much He has given solely on our behalf.  We slow down our busy life at this time to consider how costly was that journey and His sacrifice. His travel to Jerusalem and, ultimately His death was only an illustration of Your Grace; it is once again ours to know.

During this year’s journey strengthen our resolve to be more appreciative of how much Christ’s life has provide for us new life and the opportunity to know and show Your goodness to humankind.  During the next weeks help us to be more aware of Christ’s sacrifice and more willing to be active on His behalf. Inspire us new things in our life with others which shows Your love for us.  

Encourage us as we find opportunities to benefit those around us and not to just deprive ourselves.  Encourage us to be encouragers. Provide for us the heart and the energy to give in response to all we have been given.  Make our Lenten journey one of grateful, Christ-like service for we offer ourselves and our prayers in His name. Amen.

Written by Colonel, Chaplain Corps US Army (Ret.) Chaplain Rich Cooper, aka “Opa”.

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