07 Jan

Holy God, we ask you for a complete renewal for the upcoming year. As we consider the many things that have occurred over the completed year we humbly ask for wisdom among so many other things that cross our minds as we ponder a new year full of opportunity and challenge. 

We ask for wisdom concerning our health. Give us courage and anticipation that this year will be full of healthy and happy days. We ask you for wisdom concerning our desire to support those who desperately need our physical, mental, emotional and prayerful support. 

Give us the courage to venture into the world of the unknown as we consider how we might provide for both our close friends and those whom we know only from a distance. Give us an attitude that not only provides for needs but also appreciates the new and different opportunities for Your missionary ventures.  

We pray for wisdom to know the difference between our desire to be well thought of and to be well intentioned in our every action. Each time we reach for something to hand out may we consider offering a hand, too. Bring our eyes and ears into sync with our heart, mind, and faith journey.

Finally, Lord, give us wisdom as we learn and grow in our faith and faithfully walk with You. Keep our focus on how the burden of the past might be lifted from our life and our future might better celebrate the fullness of life that You offer.We ask all this in the name of the one who came only to offer us new life in You.  


Written by Colonel, Chaplain Corps US Army (Ret.) Chaplain Rich Cooper, aka “Opa”. Rich Cooper also serves as a Board Member of the Hope Packed Project

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