03 Mar

God of those who journey through life, be with us all as we spend our time in thoughtful concern for our relationship with you during these weeks leading to the Easter celebration.  We believe you feed both the hungry and the gourmet with sufficient nourishment for our life with you and with each other.  As you nourish our body and our soul, lead us to consider the great sacrifice you have made on our behalf.  Provide for us as we hunger and thirst for you.

Deliver us during this time from the temptation of believing that we have a full understanding of our life or the meaning of life itself.  In our reflection allow us to be open to how it is that we might reflect more of what you want for us and less of what we think we might want or need.

As we reflect, energize us, vitalize us for your work in your world. Make hope more than a simple word we use to describe what might be; make it a driving force in the life we live. During this time rebuild us as better representations of your image and better images of the Living God for those with whom we come in contact.

Open our mind and our heart to your work as we journey through this world.

In Your Holy Name we pray.  Amen

Written by Colonel, Chaplain Corps US Army (Ret.) Chaplain Rich Cooper, aka “Opa”. Rich Cooper also serves as a Board Member of the Hope Packed Project.

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